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The revolution of masternode coins in the use of debit cards. preICO preICO
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The revolution of masternode coins in the use of debit cards.

CardsCoin converts crypto-currencies in dollars in real time and is accepted at any ATM worldwide.

What do we offer?


Simply choose in what crypto currency you want to make a deposit or in what crypto currency you have your masternode. (BTC, ETH, DASH, GIN, LUX, QBIC, MBC) which are included in the list for your CardsCoin account replenishment. ( the list of master node coins will grow). Your CardsCoin card will allow you to exchange USD for crypto-currencies and back using favorable exchange rates.


Crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, are stored on the most secure blockchain wallets. Your CardsCoin wallet is available on any device as well as on iOS and Android and are fully protected by SSL- encryption technology, Multi-Sig and 2 authentication and provides you peace of mind and free access to your assets management.


CardsCoin converts your currency in USD in real time via instant exchange at profitable rate on the exchange. Payment and withdrawal of funds can be made in any place where VISA / MASTERCARD cards are accepted.

There is also the possibility to exchange crypto-currencies for dollars and to keep the card balance in US dollars. This is an ideal variant for those who feel that the market is inconstant. Access to accurate interbank exchange is free and there are neither monthly nor annual fees for the use of the card hash. The only fees are 1.75% of the total amount of all ETH / BTC transactions and 2% commission for withdrawal in the ATMs. The first investors of the first 1000 cards will benefit because the commission is only 1%.

Coin Name: Cards Coin
Algo: Proof of Stake
Ticker: CDC
Coin Type: PoS/Masternode
Block Size: 3 MB
Max Supply: 88,000,000
Premined: 2.7 %
Block Time: 60 Sec
Block Halving: -18% / Year
Min Stake Age: 24 Hours
MasterNode Collateral 5,000 CDC


1. The CardsCoin idea is born  - APR 2018

2. Talks with debit card issuer in Singapure - MAY 2018

3. First round of investors and partnership discussions -  JUNE 2018

4. Whitelist and Pre-ICO - JUNE 2018

5. Listing MNO, Exchange (CryptoBridge) - JULY 2018

6. Website, wallet and card beta testing - AUG 2018