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Daily income

0.00000906 BTC
18.1282 MBC

Weekly income

0.00006345 BTC
126.8974 MBC

Monthly income

0.00027192 BTC
543.8460 MBC

Yearly income

0.00330840 BTC
6,616.7930 MBC


  • Recent news


    MasterBit will provide crypto-investors with an one click solution for creating and deploying  masternodes. This will be the most convenient way to create masternode, even for a technically incompetent person.

    Stop Scam Platform Released!

    StopScam.Me - pre-mine monitoring and financial reporting service 
    System monitors Pre-mine of the projects and if there is any change in the Pre-mine will alert investors. Coin developers will have an ability to add comment to the spendings. Platform will be used as a handy tool for Investors to build coin portfolio and monitor different projects.
    MasterBit on Crypto-Bridge

    MasterBit community decided list MBC to Crypto-Bridge exchange.

    The listing fee is paid.

    Order Your Own Coin.

    We create your own coin with premine, custom logo's and change coin parameters. You get an unique genesis block, the source code and a compiled Linux, Windows & Mac wallets.


    * Name and abbreviation of your choice

    * Unique Merkle hash and Genesis block

    * Unique alert keys with private certificate

    * Change Address Letter

    * Change logo and images

    * Windows, Linux, Mac QT Wallets

    * Linux Daemon & Source (Posted on Github)

    * Change coin parameters

    * NeoScrypt as a default algoritm

    * Node hosting for one month FREE

    * Masternode capability

    * Premine Price for the package: 10000 MBC!

    Invest in the digital future .

    MasterBit is a next-generation digital cryptocurrency based on innovative blockchain technology. MasterBit is backed by a powerful, transparent and secure network. Based on POW and PoS Masternodes network, it ensures the stable return on investment for miners and Masternode holders.

  • What is MasterBit Coin?

    MasterBit Coin, is a next-generation digital cryptocurrency trading as MBC, based on innovative blockchain technology. MasterBit Coin (MBC) is backed by a powerful, transparent network secured with Masternodes. MasterBit Coin (MBC) is also the cryptocurrency used on the MasterBit platform, either as the currency for creators to launch new cryptocurrency coins, other blockchain projects, or for crowdfunding these projects. As an investor in MasterBit Coin (MBC) you can choose to simply own the coin, and hold as you would any cryptocurrency for potential gains, or you can start a Masternode and receive rewards, or use your MasterBit Coin (MBC) on the MasterBit platform ( to invest in new projects. When you are investing in new projects you are exchanging your MasterBit Coin (MBC) for the new project’s coin in variable ratios depending on the project. If you are a miner, see specifications below, and further instructions in our Discord Chat.

  • What is a MasterBit Masternode?

    In basic terms, a Masternode is a computer which processes blockchain transactions that aid in efficient running of the network, and receive rewards for doing so. Nearly all Masternodes are run from Virtual Private Servers (VPS) which allow for the running of a Masternode 24 hours a day without interruption. There is a small cost for VPS server which is typically about 2.00-5.00 USD as monthly rental. There are many reputable providers of VPS services available. It does require some technical know-how to set up a Masternode, but MasterBit Coin provides easy to follow instructions, and should you become lost, our community is able to help even most computer novices to set up their Masternode. See below for more information on how to set-up a Masternode, and how the reward system works. We strongly suggest you join our DISCORD chat if you find yourself in need of assistance setting up a new Masternode.

    Instructions on how to set up a Masternode: here MN setup guide

  • What is the Masterbit Platform?

    A Platform where investors and creators come to make it happen.

    For New Project Creators:
    MasterBit allows you to order your own coin, designed and built according to your needs, or help you take your already existing coin to the next level through crowd-funding on our platform. Are you are offering investors an interesting, useful idea? Are you short on funds for listing or ranking? Want to create your own cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start? Let our platform go to work for you, and get lots of early investors
    Get started: MasterBit Platform or use our trading partners Bitcoin Superstar Bitcoin Superstar

    For New Project Investors:
    Are you an investor looking for projects to invest in? As an investor you can exchange your MasterBit Coin (MBC) for coins of new projects featured on our platform. We invite you to review the projects featured on the MasterBit Platform. Get started: MasterBit Platform

    You can can find more details about MasterBit Platform in White Paper

Why Buy MasterBit?

There will only be 25,000,000 MasterBit Coins. Once you have 1000 coins you can build Masternode it will allow you to take part in the creation of new coins with generous daily returns.
With MasterBit Coin you can order Your Own Coin that will be designed by our professional team, especially for your project.
Also in the nearest future, we will release mobile wallets and digital marketplace for goods and services.

  • Coin Specification

    Ticker: MBC

    Algorithm: NeoScrypt

    Blocktime: 180 seconds (3 minutes)

    Block Reward: 10 MBC decreasing by 7% every year

    Estimate Supply: 25,000,000

    Required: 1000 MBC for Masternode

    Premine: 2%

    Masternode: 80% Block Reward

    Default port: 3883

    Difficulty Retargeting:Each block (DGW)

  • Roadmap

    MasterBit Blockchain Starts

    Windows,Linux and Mac wallet Release


    Exchange listing

    Masternode rank related site listings

    Reveal our massive bounty campaign

    Key Roadmap Points

    Start developing of first coin orders (Q2)

    MasterBit Whitepaper(Q3)

    Adding more exchanges and ranking sites (Q3)

    Massive PR campaign (Q3)

    MasterBit Platform release(Q4) *

    MasterBit Mobile Platform release(Q4) *

  • icon

    Advanced encryption and a 2-tier network for complete security.

  • icon
    Lightning fast

    InstantSend technology allows nearly instantaneous transactions for point-of-sale situations while not relying on a centralized authority.

  • icon
    ASIC resistant

    OThe powerful hashing algorithm, Neoscrypt, has been selected to create a level playing field for all mining participants.

  • icon

    Masternode operators can vote on decisions and budget proposals as well as support anonymous and instant transactions – with more functionality to be announced.

  • icon
    Open Source

    MasterBit code is fully auditable. You can read the source code yourself here.

  • icon

    Protect your financial information. PrivateSend ensures your activity history and balances are private.

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