Instructions for creating a campaign on the MasterBit platform.

Our desire is to make the process of moderation as fast, and smooth as possible. To preserve your valuable time, we strongly recommend that you prepare as described below:

Required materials
Depending on the type of campaign; you will need to prepare the following written material before beginning campaign creation.
-Detailed campaign text (see below)
-Why does your project deserve supporting? What is an originality of your project?
-Elaborate on the economics of the coin: Why is the coin needed for your project? What affects the growth?
-Road-map (development plan)
-Detailed and balanced rewards for backers (grades)
IMPORTANT: If you are planning to raise funds on our platform, as well as on your own landing page(s), you need to:
-Add info about your campaign on our platform to all the web pages where you are listing.
-Add info about your campaign on our platform to your landing page(s) including info about.
Recommendations for the structure of campaign text on a platform.
Below is an instruction for creating the campaign text for a platform, it is advisory, and not all recommendations should be applied to your project.

General text recommendations
1. The text for your campaign is created by the embed instrument — campaign editor.
2. If you create your campaign draft first with another instrument (Text editor outside of our platform),then you need to take into consideration that there may be variations in the text formatting of your campaign. Reserve some time for reformatting as required.
3. The Campaign editor on our platform contains a wide choice of instruments. You may also use direct editing of HTML code.
4. The editor has support of links for anchors in the text, and it is strongly recommended that you use them.
5 It is recommended that colorful pictures be added after each paragraph of the text, as this aids in sharpening the focus of potential investors on your project.

It is not required, but if you have short and meaningful video, it creates a strong sense of professionalism about your project. Experience shows that video raises value in eyes of potential investors. A sales pitch comes across very strong when it is enhanced with video.

Write a short meaningful slogan containing no more than 1-2 phrases, precisely describing your project.

Short Description
With this paragraph, also briefly describe the specifics, and the technical details. So that the whole essence of the project can be understood immediately. What the strengths of the project are, and the answer to the question of how it works should appear in this paragraph.

Here goes the project description. The best variant will be a demonstration of you sharing with your target audience exactly why your project is the solution to a problem. This paragraph must stimulate the reading of what will come next.

Section of coin economy
If you conduct crowdinvesting, then you must write why the coin is needed in your system, what its growth depends on, what it provides, as well as all possible applications for it in your product. Write when it's planned to enter the exchanges, and on which exchanges the entrance is planned.

Block of technical details, how it will be implemented, how you will do it. It's important to demonstrate that you have understanding of the subject. If it's a business project, then the market description can be here. It's desirable to insert a plan here which will help to understand how your product is realized, and how it works, without going into too much detail.

A big and detailed description
Many people will omit this from their reading, but it is important to take into consideration that if people like what they read then they will tell others about it and they too might become interested. With this in mind, write this section in a way that it will be interesting for non technical people to read.

Show your potential investors that you have planned precisely, and know what you will do, when and why. Carefully calculate how much money, time, and manpower you will need. Describe step by step the milestones of the project, and what resources you will attract to implement these plans. Write when you plan to output the coin to exchanges, and to which exchanges.

Levels of awards (grades)
Describe in detail the potential rewards for investors. Your audience should understand exactly how returns will be calculated if they invest a certain amount of money into your project.

Tell about yourself
Usually a matrix or tabular look is enough: photography - position - experience - description - achievements , and what managerial and technical skill you and your team are bringing to the project. Explain why you will not disappear after the fund-raising ends.

Contact us
Please provide all the relevant contact information, including your location, website, Facebook page and group, Telegram group, Slack chat, Twitter, VK, Instagram. Also, make sure you have provided correct links to the corresponding icons.

A whitepaper is a document providing a detailed and transparent description of your product’s technical aspects, the problems it solves, and how it solves (or will solve) them. We recommend to have your whitepaper ready before starting a campaign.

You can provide the link to this document located in your Google Drive or attach a pdf file.

What’s next?
The next thing you do is click “Save”. Now your project is waiting for moderation. A Moderator could ask you to refine your project, if it does not comply with all of the requirements. If you have provided everything required to pass moderation, your project will be published on the MasterBit website.

Backed amount will be dispatched once the campaign will be finished and the project has reached the softcap. If the softcap is not reached, the coins will be returned to investors.